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Loneliness is a public health crisis

Togetherness is the only cure

23 million senior citizens in the US suffer from loneliness, an affliction that can reduce lifespan by 15 years and cause serious mental and physical illness.

Our goal is to spark a revival of care (#WEvival) for our family members, friends and neighbors. Spending more quality time together will reduce the pain of loneliness and strengthen our communities one relationship at a time.


Calling for a #WEVIVAL

A revival of care for people everywhere

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Out-of-the-Box Volunteer Recruitment Ide

Raise concern

For lonely people

Inspire action

By community partners

Come together

To build friendships


Inviting community partners to help

Love the Lonely encourages everyone to play their part in our #WEvival Movement. The only way we succeed is when people spend quality time together. Learn more about the opportunities available to lend your support.

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Faith-based community involvement reduces loneliness, which is one reason congregations are such important #WEvival partners.

We want to encourage you!

All congregations are invited to join the effort to raise awareness and inspire action to reduce loneliness for people in your congregations and nearby communities.


97 million US workers are lonely. This problem is hurting people and costing the US economy over $400 Billion annually.

We want to support you!

Love the Lonely is working to solve this problem, but we need help from your company to do it.


There are 1.8 million Non Profit organizations in the US. Many of these ORGS promote inspirational and fun activities that people can enjoy together.

We want to promote you!

If your organization champions music, gardening, reading, painting or any other pro-social activity then we invite you join the #WEvival.




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